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New Coed Thursdays - S313 Schedules
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 2:49:44 AM

Thank you to everyone who are returning from the last session and welcome to those new teams joining us.


I wanted to remind all the teams that game time requests have been noted for future games this session, however I can not guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled.  Also games will be starting earlier at 7:00 instead of 7:30 as in the recent past to allow us not to have too much down time in between rentals and games and to allow us to start our Drop In Play earlier.  At one point, we were starting games at 6:30, sometimes even 6:15, therefore I think 7:00 is still reasonable for the amount of teams currently in league.  


Thank you.

Jessica Ramos 

Info Regarding Youth Schedules for Current Session
Tuesday, April 9, 2013 7:58:42 AM

To all Coaches/Parents:

The rest of the session schedule is finalized.  A couple thing to note regarding the schedule....

For the Girls leagues: 

The planned end date (finals week) was on 5/18, however, due to a previously scheduled event on 5/18, we can not schedule any games on 5/18.  The following weekend after 5/18 is Memorial Day weekend.  Assuming everyone would like to enjoy their holiday weekend, I had to move some regular games to be played earlier in the session in order for the girls to end on 5/11.  This resulted in multiple doubleheaders (DHs).  Some teams with DHs will have a game in between for a break and some will be back-to-back DHs with about a 13 minute break.  I always try to avoid DHs, but in this case, they were needed. 

For the Boys leagues: 

The end date for the boys will be on 5/19.  First of all, there are some DHs with some boys teams.  This was caused more because of an odd number league and/or last minute teams that signed up after the first week or were dropped.  Secondly, the majority of teams were given advance notice in writing this last sunday (4/7) regarding games on Mother's Day, 5/12.  We would like for our teams to enjoy their Mother's Day without worrying about coming in to play that day.  Therefore, all boys youth games for 5/12, will be played on Saturday, May 11.  This will allow us to keep the schedule going without having to push the end of the schedule another week.

For this day, we ask that you please make every effort to keep your game time as shown.  If there is absolutely no way your team can play, then we will need notice by email at indoorsoccer@southnatomas.com no later than April 20.  This will allow us time to attempt to reschedule a makeup game.  We will contact the opposing team and try to schedule a makeup game on another day depending on availability of both teams and facility.  If the opposing team does not want to reschedule and wants to keep the game, then the game will be kept on schedule as is.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Semi Finals & Finals Schedule
Monday, February 18, 2013 9:46:37 PM

Hello Coaches/Parents/Players:

For those leagues with an odd number league, the BYE team this weekend was randomly picked from the remaining teams that didn't qualify in the top 4.  If your team got a BYE this weekend, then your team will not get another BYE next weekend during finals.  Another team will be randomly picked for the BYE.

These BYEs will result in some teams with only 7 scheduled games instead of 8 scheduled games.  This will result in a game credit of $62.  This credit can be 1) applied toward the next session if team is returning, OR, 2) can have a future field rental (depending on availability) with this credit to be used by 12/31/13, OR, 3) can get a refund of $62 if not using option 1 or 2.

Thank you again for a great first season!!!

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